Boy gets trapped in elevator after peeing on elevator buttons.

In China, a boy decided to empty his bladder on the elevator buttons. As a result, the elevator malfunctioned & he would need to be rescued.

This doesn’t exactly shock me. Teenagers will do stupid shit like this and think it’s hilarious. I was no exception growing up. However, while I’m not sure how old this ‘boy’ is, he’s certainly old enough to know that applying liquid to something electrical will have an almost instantaneous effect. Even I stood clear of anything involving that type of shenanigans.  Karma can be a bitch & this is how you get it instantly.  (source video)

Not realizing your stupid actions are on camera for the world to see is bad enough, but keep in mind, this happened in China. They don’t fuck around. I’m not sure what the punishment for shorting out an elevator is, but I can imagine it’s more than just a ride home by police and being grounded by mom & dad.

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