Egyptian school sets real fire for fire drill. Nine students hospitalized.

A school in Egypt decided to add some authenticity to a fire drill by setting some waste on fire. As a result, nine students were hospitalized and treated for smoke inhalation.

If you’re setting real fires. Can this even be considered a drill anymore? I mean, that’s when it becomes a legit evacuation right?  “According to local media reports, Social Worker Amal Saleh said that Salwa secondary school followed the instructions of the educational administration by setting fire to some of the waste inside the school. She added that the fire was intensified by the wind, but workers at the school were able to put out the fire” (source)

What I find hilarious is that this wasn’t someone who went rogue and wanted to try something new. This was instructed by the educational administration.

Since this is another country, I assume when they explain ‘waste’ was used to set the fire, they are referring to trash. Otherwise, the lungs of those poor nine students who needed be treated, literally took in some shit from the entire school. Could you imagine the lawsuits if this happened in America.

What happened to the old fashioned way of just setting off the alarm and having everyone file out of the school in a orderly manner? Are students becoming so lazy that they need motivation from the real thing?

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