Quick Review – Bird Box (YouTube Vid)

After being released in December on Netflix, critics hate the film, but viewers like it. How is it really?

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  1. Cool! Nice review. I’ll subscribe. I also have a channel if you wanna check it out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEyWPRNLJISjft21bzSZ1Zg

    • Thanks for the support! Just checked out your channel also & watched “satanic awakening” & thought it was really good. Left ya a comment & subscribed back.

      • Thank you! Definitely going to check out more of your videos and reviews!!

        I wonder, will you do one on “Greta” or “Us”? Cause I sort of wanted to see it but my friend said she thinks its probably trash >> I say don’t knock it till you watch it haha

      • Thanks 🙂 Ya, I’m working on an ‘Us’ video review. Overall, I thought it was a solid film. It def has few plot holes that I’m definitely going to get into though. That probably won’t be up until Monday 4/8. I’m trying to stick to a once a week schedule & with Monday being April fools day, I wanted to do a movie review for a film that isn’t real, but pretend like it is.

      • Yeah I feel you! I needed to make an upload schedule for YouTube and I think it’s working. keeps me consistent and I don’t stress about when the next upload is.

        Omg that sounds fun!!! And the horror author in me was like “I wonder how messed up you can make it and how much you can play with people’s minds” XDD How do I sleep at night?

        I also haven’t seen US yet because it keeps selling out…but hopefully by time you review i’ll have seen it. Looking forward to the review!!

      • The April fools day review is based on a fake horror movie trailer & you definitely need to have a bit of sick/dirty sense of humor to enjoy it. Haha I was worried about copyright problems since I would need to rely on a lot of clips from the trailer, but I got approval from the guy who made it. All he asked was I give him a thanks & provide a link to his instagram which I thought was very reasonable.

      • That’s very nice of him!! I cant wait to see it! Hehe sounds right up my ally~
        I’ll have to check that guy out too 🙂

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