People can be stupid. Woman dies from cancer after claiming to be cured by Vegan diet.

We humans really are going backwards as a race aren’t we folks? It’s truly sad. A good diet will obviously aid you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although, believing your diet will cure cancer is borderline crazy & irresponsible information that you shouldn’t be giving the public. You should be seeking medical attention!

Mari Lopez and her niece Liz Johnson had a Youtube channel. In a June 2016 video, Lopez explained how “consuming alkaline water helped “kill cancer” by balancing the acid in her body, induced by a carnivorous and sugary diet. She also embarked on a 30-day juice fast, drinking a concoction called “lemon ginger blast” (habanero, cilantro, dandelion, cucumbers, apples, ginger, and turmeric) to reduce inflammation and “toxins.”

Wouldn’t ya know, Mari passed away from cancer in Dec 2017. You would think a light blub would go off in Liz’s head that maybe medical attention for cancer is a better solution. Nope, instead Liz explained “her aunt was pushed by her sister (Liz’s mom) to start radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which she thinks disrupted her diet of juicing. Liz refers to this as “inconsistencies,” which she thinks pushed Mari to her death. (source)

Are you f#cki@g kidding me!? You’re blaming chemotherapy & diet disruption for your aunts death? I didn’t know you had a P.H.D. Where are you getting this information!? Did you pull it out of your ass?

Sorry kid, your mom / aunts sister seems to be the only sane person in this story. Realistically, Mari had a better chance of surviving if she started medical treatment sooner rather than later. Instead, she was irresponsible, misinformed, & implemented dumbass practices as a primary form of cancer treatment. The fact that you can’t see that & continue to preach this bullshit is horrible.

“Liz explained that towards the end of her life, Mari had asked her to take down the videos proclaiming the healing powers of the vegan diet. Liz said she would keep the videos up, genuinely believing they could give cancer patients help. She even called the experience a “test of faith.” Do you know why Mari asked you to take the videos down Liz? It’s probably because Mari only then realized it was bullshit!

Unfortunately, we can only attack aggressive cancer with equally aggressive treatments such as Chemotherapy. Hopefully, this will change in the future. Information like what this idiot is preaching is delusional and sad. I lump this nutcase in with the same group of people who think vaccinations are bad. It’s very disturbing.

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