Judge rules that neo-nazi with explosives, Guns not a threat to community.

In this day and age, we face many threats that are both foreign and domestic. That being said, if bomb making material is discovered in your apartment & you talk about bombing infrastructure, it should probably be taken seriously. For whatever reason, a Florida judge has ruled this man (Brandon Russell)is no threat to the community.

The explosive materials was discovered during an investigation into the murder of two of his roommates. This was allegedly at the hands of another roommate. The roommate confessed to killing the two roommates because they “disrespected his Muslim faith,” according to Tampa Bay police. The accused killer/ roommate explained to police that Russell participated in online neo-Nazi chat rooms where he threatened to kill people and blow shit up. Explosive material was found in the garage area of the apartment & fuses were found close by also . “Inside Russell’s bedrooms, law enforcement also found white supremacist propaganda, a framed photograph of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, firearms and ammunition.”

Wow, I have lots to pick apart with this story. First of all, why would someone of Muslim faith decide to live with a Neo Nazi? While it sounds like a great animated sitcom, we all know this probably wouldn’t be an ideal living situation. So, right off the bat, this story is off to a wonderful start. Furthermore, what more does the judge need to rule this asshole a threat? Not only does he possess the equipment to do some serious damage, he has a photo of Timothy McVeigh! Correction, framed photo of Timothy McVeigh! That’s even more disturbing. Does the damn photo need to be autographed “your hero, Timothy” for the judge to realize that this asshole clearly idolizes some twisted people? This might not be a crime, but that combined with the bomb material, fuses & guns, I think it paints a not so pretty picture of what this person is capable of. (source)

“When asked about why he had those materials, Russell allegedly said he was in an engineering club at the University of South Florida in 2013 and used the HMTD to “boost homemade rockets” and send balloons into the atmosphere.” Did authorities look into this claim? Since this happened in Florida, I assume not.

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