Man crashes car into river thinking he was on underwater bridge.

In Tennessee a man drove into the Cumberland River thinking he was driving on an underwater bridge.

When Robert Johnson plunged his car into the Cumberland River he quickly realized he made a huge mistake. “Officers spoke to Johnson, who told them he thought he was driving across an underwater bridge, but realized too late that it wasn’t and drove off the side. He abandoned the vehicle and went to find someone with a phone to call for assistance.” (source)

What exactly made you think you were driving across an underwater bridge Robert? Or that you Clarksville had one anyway? The city has a population of under 200,000.  I don’t think an underwater bridge would be a good or necessary investment. Plus, I know you have lakes & rivers, but your state is frigin landlocked!

At first I thought alcohol was a factor, but then I read no charges were filed. That means this was just an incident of being a total dumbass. I don’t know if that’s scarier. However, it’s remarkable that a person this stupid can live 47 years without accidentally killing themselves. It just blows my mind.


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