Man battles police officers with sword and shield to avoid prostitution arrest.

Some people will attempt anything to get away from police. After realizing he was meeting with police and not a prostitute, Billy Linkous attempted to flee from police in a vehicle . After crashing into a parked car, Linkous then pulled out a sword and shield to battle officers.

Why does he already have a sword and shield in his car? Was he on his way to a LARP festival and was looking to purchase a wench for whence thou slayed his enemies in battle!?  If so, he should have gotten out of character immediately and realized that a sword and shield probably won’t fare well against thy men in uniform.  He’s lucky the cops didn’t just shoot his ass. (source) Instead, the combatant and his sword suffered a swift defeat at thy hands of the law by way of Taser gun. Thou art a villain! Sorry, I need to tone it down a bit.

If a person like this isn’t all hopped up on bath salts, I don’t understand how a 27 year old could possibly think a sword and shield would be able to fend off police. The cops probably had a good laugh about it while he twitched on the ground from the Taser shot.

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