Man blames dog for shooting girlfriend in the leg.

We go to Jacksonville. Fla. A man claims his dog jumped up onto the night stand and discharged his gun. As a result, the bullet hit his sleeping girlfriend in the leg.

Yup, the dog did it. They always seem to be at fault. Hell, when I was in school my dog use to eat my homework a couple times a week! It’s crazy. Common, we all know he was probably using to gun to kill a fly or something equally stupid. When you’re already irresponsible enough to just leave a loaded gun on your night stand to begin with, shooting your girlfriend by accident doesn’t seem like a stretch. (source)

The dogs name is Diesel. While I have no idea what breed of dog he is, I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a dog jump up directly onto a night stand. I’ve seen them jump onto a bed or couch then snoop around on a night stand, but never directly jump up onto one. That’s cat behavior. Maybe Diesel just has awesome dexterity in his paws and was pissed that his masters girlfriend didn’t buy him his favorite doggy treats!

If Diesel could talk, what would he say? Oh, I know. He would probably rat on his owner for being the real culprit.

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