WTF!? Chiropractor invents a lipstick vagina glue?

When I see a dumb invention, I have so many questions. How much money was sunk into it? Who the hell tested it? What company actually agreed to back it? I just don’t understand how some of this shit gets out. That being said, this male chiropractor apparently thinks he is the expert on female menstruation.  He is so confident that he invented a lipstick glue designed to keep a woman’s vagina shut during it. (source) This is something  I feel uncomfortable writing about, but can’t resist commenting on. Where do I even start!

The product is called ‘Mensez’.  Just read the product description.


I don’t think “revolutionary” is a word I would use to describe this. I’m not even sure if the word “safe” is appropriate. I’m no expert, but shouldn’t you just let the body do what it does for something like this? Having blood, oils, & amino acids clumping together inside you is going to create humidity in your closed off feminine area. Sounds like an internal swamp & possible breeding ground for nasty bacteria to me.

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