Man steals food from Arby’s. He then tells police he is from the future.

An Oklahoma City man faces charges of robbery by force or fear, assault and battery and destruction of property. He also claims, (drum roll please) he is from the future!

The suspect stormed into an Arby’s demanding food. He grabbed a handful of chicken and bacon before fleeing. He then went across the street and kicked several vehicles. It wasn’t very difficult for police to catch up. They found him on a street lying down. He would go on to tell police that he is “four years advanced” and on his planet “everyone is dead”. (source)

Wow, just wow! Why isn’t this getting more media attention? We need to look into this claim. His time traveling / planet hopping claim makes total sense if you take into account his actions. Let me explain. Maybe you work up an appetite from time traveling. So, the first thing he saw must have been the Arby’s. He didn’t ask for money, only food. We also don’t know why everyone on his planet is dead. Maybe technology rebelled. That would explain why he started kicking cars across the street. We need to find out what he knows about the future so we don’t meet the same fate!

Or, maybe just find out what drugs he was taking to give this kind of reaction. Either way, I’m listening.

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