Florida woman is allergic to herself.

Imagine breaking out in hives and having itchy skin because you are allergic to your own sweat and tears. Doesn’t that sound like hell? Well, it is very much a reality for this Florida woman. (source)

Lets add this up. She can’t follow her passion of being a gymnastics or dance instructor. She can’t workout. She can’t go to the beach. Anything that involves breaking a sweat is a giant no no. On top of it all, she lives in Florida! She has been unable to work and lost her health insurance & has been denied disability. That would make me want to cry. Wait, she can’t do that either without breaking out! WTF!!!

Honestly, my heart doesn’t go out to a lot of people but this is something I wouldn’t even wish upon my worst enemies…Ok, maybe one or two, but still. This kind of misfortune should only be reserved for a special kind of asshole that deserves to rot in hell.

I think  any human being would take on a level of depression that most of us can’t possibly fathom. She claims that she hasn’t left her apartment during daylight hours in years and fears going out in public.

Hopefully, she will be able to fight through the depression and find a way to adapt. That is much easier said than done. However, if she is going to survive, that is the only choice. I can think of few careers that she could possibly look into. I just hope she hasn’t given up.

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