Quick Review: Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain is a 2013 action, comedy, crime film about a couple of hilariously dumb body builders who conceive a plan to get rich.

Originally, I didn’t have high hopes for Pain & Gain. Dwayne Johnson & Mark Whalberg are all jacked up in a Michael Bay film. I expected lots of explosions and testosterone. While it has it’s share of “Bay” moments, I find it better than most of his films.

Based on a true story that took place in Florida during the 1990’s, Mark Whalberg plays a broke personal trainer named Daniel Lugo. Lugo is a schemer with dreams of becoming rich. He convinces his friends Adrian (Anthony Mackie) & Paul (Dwayne Johnson) to help him kidnap and extort money from one of his clients. They would later be known as the Sun Gym gang.

It sounds straightforward, but not for these three idiots. Almost anything that can go wrong, does! They are completely delusional. Combined, they probably have the I.Q. of a single person. It’s hilarious watching these three try to execute some of these moronic plans. After watching the movie, I felt compelled to check online if some of these events actually happened the way it’s described in the film (I don’t won’t to spoil any of that though).  While I feel like I’m making them sound too much like goofballs, I can assure you, this movie can be violent.


Soooo, what ya grillin?

I’m not a big Mark Whalberg guy, but I actually like him doing comedy. I think he’s great at being funny when his character isn’t trying to be. He and Dwayne Johnson have great chemistry together. Johnson’s character is half gentle giant & half psychopath. Ed Harris is also in this movie. He plays a former detective who comes out of retirement to try and bust this gang of idiots.

Pain & Gain is an entertainingly hilarious film for those with a sick sense of humor. Check it out.

Score: 8/10


+Hard to believe this is based on a true story

+ Good chemistry

+ Very funny at times

+ Better than most Bay films


-Goes on a little too long

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