People can be stupid. Accused murderer blames eggplant for shooting.

In the AU, a farmer is accused of murdering a man who accidentally ran over his dog. His defense claims it was an accident. Apparently, the shotgun went off because he tripped over an eggplant.

“Mr Russo was holding a shotgun and walking towards Mr Calandro’s ute  when he tripped on an eggplant and the gun went off, defence barrister Patrick Tehan QC told a Victorian Supreme Court jury today. “The shooting was an accident,” he said.” As he approached the driver’s side, he tripped and fell forward. “It (the gun) then went off without the trigger having been pressed. “In his police interview, Mr. Russo told investigators: “There was an eggplant on the ground there and my foot must have rolled on it.” (source 9news AU)

While driving away from Mr Russo’s farm,  Mr. Calandro swerved his vehicle in an attempt to spook the dog that was running along side it. He then accidentally ran it over & drove off showing little remorse. He would return to the farm later. That’s when he was shot to death.

Ah, yes. The old eggplant defense. It was the eggplant I tell ya! It was the eggplant! I’m sure that’s exactly what happened. Think we could put the accused eggplant on the stand? I wonder what it would say.

Seriously, I think I would fire my defense team if that’s the best they could do. Oh, I also forgot to mention Mr. Russo didn’t “accidentally” shoot the man in the arm or leg either. He shot him in the head in front of his two kids who were with him. What are the odds of tripping and miraculously getting a headshot? Sounds pretty slim to me.

While the man who was killed sounds like a bit of an ass if he truly showed no remorse for killing Mr. Russo’s dog, that obviously doesn’t mean he should be shot in the head.

No word if the eggplant is still at large.

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