LOL, I didn’t even know this film was made. Let’s watch & talk about The Escape Plan 2 trailer.

Depending on my mood, I love almost every kind of movie. When I saw the The Escape Plan (2013) starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I made sure I was in the mood for a “bang! bang! shoot’em up” action flick. Would you really expect anything else from these two actors? Surprisingly, it actually had half a brain too! It truly exceeded my expectations. In short, Ray Breslin (Stallone) tests the security at prisons by being inserted into the general population. He then plans his escape and breaks out. The film didn’t do well at the U.S. box office. However, we all know box office totals in the U.S. are no longer a deciding factor if a movie gets a sequel. Internationally, the film cracked $100 million. That’s why we got The Escape Plan 2. See the trailer below then scroll down below the video for impression.

This time it looks like Stallone is being inserted into this ultra hi-tech prison to help break out one of his top operatives.  The prison in the first film seemed somewhat realistically impenetrable. This looks ridiculous. I know a sequel raises the stakes, but the flashy colors in the trailer make it look like the prison is on a spaceship. Oh, god! I really hope that’s not where they’re going with this!

At least the studio was smart about this film. Aware that the first film had mild success overseas, they added a popular chinese actor to the cast (Xiaoming Huang). Also, since we’re already asked to suspend our disbelief that Stallone can still kick ass at the age of 71, adding more muscle by casting Dave Bautista was probably a good idea too. Plus, it won’t be getting a theatrical release. You can see it for yourself on Blu-ray digital and On Demand June 29th. In my opinion, that looks exactly like where this film belongs.


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