Let’s watch the new Predator teaser trailer.

Lately I feel like I’m an ocean of negativity in the film world. Trust me, that’s not my intention or angle. I’m just calling it like I see it. Well, 20th Century Fox released its first teaser trailer for The Predator. I find this first trailer to be a bit underwhelming. See trailer below then scroll down for impression.

I understand this is just a teaser. We will obviously find out where that package came from. I have no problem with that, or this kid activating what looks like some kind tracking device. From 1:00 on, it all starts to look really cheesy though. Is it me, or does it look like it belongs on the Syfy channel? The quick clip of the guy firing the mounted machine gun from a vehicle (1:28) actually made me laugh too.

I really hope the next trailer is better. This isn’t much, but my early impression isn’t good.




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