Soon, you’ll be able to legally run a red light in the state of Ohio.

I can’t wait to see how this stupid idea pans out. A new Ohio state law is set to take effect in March. The law allows drivers to run a red light if they believe the light is malfunctioning.

I’m 100% serious. (source) If you’re into watching car crashes, move to Ohio and pull up a lawn chair near a busy intersection. Things are about to get ridiculous.

Are they trying to give hospitals and EMTs more work? In a perfect world, an honor system like this could exist, but we all know the world is far from perfect and full of  horrible drivers. Plus, each of us will have a different tolerable waiting period for when we might start to believe a light has malfunctioned. It could be 20 seconds for you. Maybe it’s 50 seconds for me. If its an elderly person, you could be sitting behind that person in traffic all day. Who knows!

Then you are going to have people who will treat it like a stop sign. People will get pulled over and just explain they thought it malfunctioned. Even worse, I’m sure you will have people who are just going to coast straight through without a second thought.

It should be great! At the end of 2017, look for Ohio to make it into several reports regarding motor vehicle accidents and fatalities.

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