Man jumps fence to avoid paying zoo ticket. Guess what happened next!

Fences create a barrier for various reasons. If you see one up, there is usually an obvious explanation why. At a zoo, they not only prevent you from entering the park for free, but they also provide protection! If you want to be a cheapskate and hop a zoo fence to avoid paying an entrance fee, you should probably make sure you don’t land in a tiger enclosure!

Is the man dead? Yup, he’s very dead.  This incident happened in China. The man’s wife, two children, and his friend’s wife, bought tickets to enter the zoo like normal people & will probably now undergo years of therapy.

The man known as Zhang, passed through some wire netting with a friend. This is when the friend actually showed signs of having half a brain and bailed. Not Zhang though, he pressed on a climbed that into the tiger enclosure. As expected, the tiger saw this as a free meal and possible intrusion on territory and reacted. Videos were posted on social media and the tiger was put down.

I wish I could feel sympathy for this man, but I can’t. This should be ruled as a suicide. I feel bad for the tiger that got put down for doing what they do. (source)

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