Man Sets His Apartment on Fire to Escape Sound of Neighbors Having Sex.

Whether your jealous or need a good nights sleep, the sound of your neighbors getting it on can be annoying. While some people might pound on the wall, this man took the road of extremes and set his own apartment on fire.

Apparently, he was driven so crazy by the noises that “he tried to burn anything he could think of in his apartment to run from the annoying sounds.” I can understand being driven crazy. I’ve heard people make some very unattractive moaning noises. However, I’m not quite sure how annoying sex noises makes someone want to literally burn things. (source)

I wonder what was so annoying about these particular sex noises. If these people are truly capable of causing a person to go insane with their horrendous sex noises, maybe the government should hire them to have sex next to places where they suspect terrorist activity is taking place. Although, if it’s just any kind of sex noise in general, this man clearly needs to stay away from porn! At least he was considerate enough to burn his own place and not theirs.

If I was one of the noise contributors, I’m not sure how I would interrupt this. On one hand, I might feel like this is a feather in my cap. Like, my level of sexual intensity drove a person crazy in the next room! On the other hand,  I might start to become insecure and wonder if my noises are normal.


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