London restaurant will let you dine naked.

Coming this summer, a pop up restaurant called “The Bunyadi”  will be opening in London for three months. If you go, you can decide to let it all hang out! (source)

Eating naked in front of a bunch of strangers doesn’t exactly interest me. It’s not the fact that everyone can see me naked. That doesn’t bother me. The problem is, I  question the hygiene of whomever was sitting in my seat before me. We humans can be gross. Who knows what kind of ass particles I’m now sitting my bare ass on!

Furthermore, they plan on making the staff nude also!?  I don’t mean to sound gross, but if that’s the case, it certainly raises the probably that a persons head isn’t that only place where an occasional stray hair found in your food might have originated.

We also occasionally have a tendency to scratch ourselves in places without even realizing it. At least when we do it with clothes on we have some type of barrier. Whose to say some chef in the back didn’t just “adjust his equipment” before touching your food.

Incorporating nudity into certain businesses and locations is fine. I just don’t think a restaurant should be one of them.








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