Quick Review: A Quiet Place

Live in silence, or get hunted by creatures that are attracted to sound. The studio really took a risk with this simple premise that sounds like it belongs in a direct to video movie. Luckily, the risk paid off. ‘A Quiet Place’ tells a great story that deserves all the success & praise it has received. No spoilers in this review.

‘A Quiet Place’ is more than just a horror / thriller. It’s also a story about how far you’re willing to go to protect the ones you love. The emotional struggle, conflicts, and hardships this family goes through are believable. This makes it even more impressive when you take into account the film has only a reported 90 lines of dialogue throughout the 1h 30min run-time. If you’re going to restrict something as important as dialogue, all the other elements of film making better be firing on all cylinders perfectly. For the most part, they do.

While I have mostly positive things to say, the film does fall victim to one thing that takes some wind out of its sails. I felt they showed the creature too much. A lot of horror movies are guilty of this, & I feel like it can really sting a films potential. It’s always scarier when something is seen in quick glances or out of focus. The anticipation of what it looks like feeds your curiosity, & can play off our fears of the unknown.  The film starts off this way, but I felt the third act gave us a few too many close up shots of what they’re dealing with. Still, this wasn’t something that ruined the movie for me.


Shhhhh, stop telling people this is secretly a Cloverfield movie. It’s insulting. Our franchise will be better!

Throughout the film, I found myself wondering if I could personally remain silent in some of these situations. The answer is a firm no. I’d be dead. While my Italian heritage would make being able to communicate with my hands a breeze, I would eventually feel compelled to verbalize something. Truthfully, we’d all be screwed though. These creatures are so ridiculously sensitive to sound that breaking wind in your sleep would probably get you picked off.

In conclusion, it’s nice to see a movie like this become a hit. At a time where big budget explosions and superheroes rule the box office, it’s proof that there is no substitute for a good story.

Score: 7.5 / 10


+ Making me believe in these characters despite lack of dialogue.

+ A simple premise with a great story.


– Creature shown a little more than I would like.

– Hard times and sometimes these kids in the film make it even harder! (You’d understand if you see the film)

– Great house, but watch out for loose nails! (You’d understand if you see the film)

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