Man Fakes Own Kidnapping To Avoid Paying $50,000 Super Bowl Bet.

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve covered some crazy crime stories. I’ve been focusing on YouTube media lately, but as we are still fresh into the new year, that means a whole new batch of idiots committing crimes that will make you feel like you’re a genius. That being said, lets get into this gem of a story!

Some people simply try to avoid paying debts by dodging people. Well, one man took things a step further. After losing $50,000 dollars in Super Bowl squares, even after he tried to rig the game a bit for himself (more on that in a moment), Robert Brandel faked his own kidnapping.

“Robert Brandel, 60, was arrested in western New York on Wednesday after officers found him in the back of his pickup truck with his hands and feet wrapped in duct tape, police said. Brandel told police he was abducted at gunpoint on Monday by two men who threatened him and stole $16,000 in cash, according to a police statement. He claimed these robbers forced him to drive around western New York for two days against his will, tied him up in the back seat of his vehicle and left him in a parking lot, New York State Police said. Brandel said these alleged suspects were involved in his Super Bowl squares betting, but investigators said he made the whole thing up.” (source ABC)

Ok, I’ll at least give him a little credit for being able to bind himself up. At least he made some effort to sell the story. However, this alibi quickly turned to shit when he told investigators that he had been held captive for days. That’s because he was “pretty clean shaved around his beard”. What the hell would the reason be for his abductors to drive around western New York for a couple days anyway? Then again, I guess I would consider that being tortured via boredom.

Anyway, what investigators discovered was that Robert ran a $50,000 dollar payout football squares pool. He then filled in some of the squares with fake names in an attempt to swing the game his own direction. That didn’t work. He then couldn’t pay the money. He now faces chargers of falsely reporting an incident, & scheme to defraud.


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