Car Thief Gets Stuck in Car Mid-Robbery, Calls Police For Help.

In Normay, a 17-year-old car thief (not a very good one) called police after getting himself trapped in the car that he was attempting to steal.We’ve all managed to accidentally lock our keys inside our car, but locking yourself in truly requires a special individual.

“The intruder managed to get inside the vehicle without doing any damage but was quickly trapped by its centralized locking system.” (source Newsweek)  “Officers helped the boy out of his self-imposed captivity, questioned him and sent him on his way “to a hopefully warm Christmas celebration.”

A centralized locking system that keeps you trapped inside? First I thought maybe he messed up the electronic locking system while breaking into the car. That caused the locks to malfunction and somehow lock while he was inside. Nope, that wasn’t the case at all. It turns out the car might have actually been unlocked when he entered it, making him an even bigger dumbass. At least he’s a friendly wannabe car thief though.  He thought to call the police and not just kick out the window. According to the police they know who he is, and he’s had several other small petty criminal offenses.

I don’t understand how the police just “sent him on his way.” Is this how it works in Norway? It feels like they’re saying “nice try you little rascal. You almost had it. Better luck next time. Now, get home safe.” Is he such a dumbass that the police actually pity him? Or, are they just so bored they get a kick out of seeing what kind of Shenanigans this teen will get into next.
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