Quick Review: Venom

From the Spider-Man universe, Venom got his own big budget solo film over the summer. Despite crappy reviews, fans were eager to see this film. It raked in an impressive $851 million worldwide. It arrives on Blu-ray this month. While this film certainly stumbles a bit, it’s fine for a rental.

Like most stories adapted from comic books, the premise is simple. While trying to expose a shady scientist, journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) becomes infected by an alien intelligence “Venom.” As he struggles to understand his new abilities, he also tries to understand the creature that is talking to him inside his head.

While some of the dialogue is cheesy at times, one positive aspect of this film is the relationship between Venom & Brock. Tom Hardy does a great job at reacting & interacting with the voice (also done by Hardy) in his head. When he feels necessary, Venom completley takes over Eddie’s body to accomplish certain tasks. The CGI venom that takes over his body is a mixed bag. In some scenes, it looks amazing. For others, it looks slightly incomplete, & the film could have benefited from another few weeks in post production.

The villain is standard. Carlton Drake & his company are trying to successfully mix human & alien DNA. This process involves testing it on homless people, and putting them through some grueling experiments.

Let’s face it though, you aren’t watching this for the villain. You’re watching this to see Venom kick some ass. Venom & Eddie certainly cause some damage. However, I feel a character like Venom should have an R rated film. As a result, the restrictions that come from having a PG-13 movie hold it back from its true potential.

Score: 6/10


+ Topher Grace isn’t Venom!

+ Tom Hardy great in this role.


-Feels a bit rushed.

-Held back by it’s PG-13 rating.


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  1. Hardy was amazing. I agree in that I think it could have been more adult and brutal but I still really loved the movie for what it was.

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