Man Shot To Death By Wife Over Crack Fueled Fight Involving Breakfast Oats.

In another case of the world weeding out the dum dums, stay away from crack people! It’s not worth it. In Pennsylvania, these parents of the year got into a heated fight over breakfast oats. As a result, the husband is now dead.

“He wasn’t happy with the traditional oats she bought instead of the instant oats he wanted,” Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Robert Broadwater said. The argument and shooting followed a night of doing drugs. Eutsey told police she and Maki left their home to purchase crack cocaine around 1:30 a.m. and took their 8-month-old child with them.With the child still in the car, Eutsey and Maki allegedly smoked some of the crack in the parking lot of a bar. Then, they returned home to smoke the rest and fell asleep.When they woke up, they began to argue about breakfast.” (source CBS)

“Eutsey told police she pointed the gun at Maki and fired in an attempt to scare him. However, the shot struck Maki in the head.The couple’s 8-month-old child was said to be filthy and in a state of neglect, and the child is now in the custody of Fayette County Children and Youth Services.”

Ok, how much more time could it possibly take to prepare traditional oats over instant? I guess when you constantly need a crack fix, why would you want to waste any additional time that you could be using to smoking crack.

Ya, fired in an attempt to scare him? um, that’s quite the “oopsy” shot.

Still, in some weird twisted way, something positive does come out of this. The child is too young to remember any of it, and will now have a shot (no pun intended) at a real life.


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