Review: I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (Yes, a third one does exist)

I still have a few reviews kicking around in my draft folder from October. I guess it’s finally time to get these out. For unknown reasons, I really subjected myself to a lot of garbage horror films this year. Seriously, I’m switching to more promising contenders after this. This review does contain spoilers. I’m not sure why I’m giving you this warning. Seriously, if you’re concerned about spoilers for a horrible 2006 direct to video horror sequel, please seek immediate help. This film is so laughably horrible that I’ll probably do a video about it for my YouTube channel in the future.  I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer is the third film released in the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise. When a friend accidentally dies during a prank gone wrong at a carnival, a group of friends try to cover it up. One year later, they start getting killed off by a man in a raincoat with a hook.

This is essentially a lower budget rehash of the first film. Although, it does have a few notable, & horrible differences. Instead of a stranger in the road, it’s a friends accidental death they are trying to cover up. Also, you might be wondering how Ben Willis could be the killer again. Knowing this is a sequel, I had to see what stupid ass reason they used to justify his return. It’s the only reason I watched this movie. Is Ben Willis the uncle of the friend who died? Was it his nephew’s cousin’s former roommate? Did the soul of Ben Willis posses the dead friend and brought him back for revenge? Sadly, those reasons would be better than what actually happened.

It turns out, Ben Willis is now some sort of paranormal ghost killer. Covering up the death of their friend brought him back. He can teleport, disappear, & reappear at will.  Yet, they “kill him” by  pushing him into a thresher at the end of the film?

The dialogue is really bad at times with characters stating the obvious. They have such clever lines like “Look, a door” as everyone is already movie toward it. Or, “We need to get out of hear” as they are being chased by Ben Willis. No shit!


Ya, just jump right off! Go for it!

I did manage to get one good quality laugh out of this film. It has to do with how the friend accidentally dies. The idiot attempted to land a jump off the highest point of some bleachers with a skateboard, & got impaled on a pole. The height was just so ridiculous. I’m not even sure Sean White, or  Tony Hawk in his prime could land this.

I honestly don’t think I would have made it through this movie if it wasn’t for the ridiculous amounts of alcohol I consumed to get me through it.

Score: 1.5/10


+ At least they didn’t use horrible CGI for the kills.


-Ben Willis is a killer ghost now?



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