Candy Corn Is The Favorite Halloween Candy in 7 States!? I Call bullshit on that.

I’m truly puzzled. Out of all the awesome candies floating around for Halloween, how the hell is candy corn the state favorite in seven of them? After compiling 11 years of sales data, a website that sells candy nationwide, broke down the information to reveal the most popular candy by state. (source) Seven of them (Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Alabama, Rhode Island, & Michigan) have candy corn at number one.

I’m calling bullshit on this. It’s just not possible. Seven states!? I’ll give you one of those seven irrelevant states, but not seven. Nobody likes candy corn that much. Apparently, this company also has “relationships with major candy manufacturers and distributors—all of whom, it says, contributed to and helped verify the findings.” That’s where my Halloween conspiracy theory comes in.

If the manufacturers and distributers have a hand in this, how can this information truly be trusted? In reality, maybe these manufacturers have such a surplus of candy corn that nobody wants? In an attempt to help sales, they’re lying about the numbers. They want to make it sound popular so more people will buy it. That’s the only true explanation I have.

Of course, I’m mostly just kidding around. It was supposedly invented in 1880’s. Production wouldn’t continue  if people weren’t eating it. However, I would wager that most of those people are over the age of fifty.


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