Gotti Vs. The Happytime Murders for worst film of 2018

As of this writing, we are in mid September. That leaves plenty of time for more shitty movies to come out in 2018. However, I’m already calling it. I believe Gotti, or The Happytime Murders should win worst film of 2018. I honestly don’t think it can get worse. Let’s try to figure out which is more deserving.

Let’s start with The Happytime Murders. It was so bad that I couldn’t even finish typing my review. It’s literally just sitting in my draft folder. I truly give credit to all you writers who managed to post a review. I have no problem with raunchy humor. My inner immature child needs its occasional dose of cock & ball jokes, but The Happytime Murders is so uncomfortably not funny at times. Melissa McCarthy’s laugh sounds forced. Also, the film has a lame & reoccurring “an asshole says what?” joke. HAHAHAHAHA, get it! You ask someone that, & they reply “what?” Isn’t that just freakin brilliant & clever. That hasn’t been funny since I was 9 when Wayne’s World did something similar. (A sphincter says what?) It’s just brutal. I really liked the concept, but it fell so horribly flat at almost every turn. I think I might have let out two honest laughs the entire time.

Gotti is like every mob film I’ve ever seen, but worse! It’s cliché after cliché. As I mentioned in my review for this, you could probably make a drinking game out of how many times you hear the words “family” “boss” & “fuck”. Victoria & John (played by real life married couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston) yell at each other in thick NY accents. Personally, I’d rather listen to the sound of two cats fighting in an alleyway. It feels more like a horrible comedic parody. At some point, I actually started to feel bad for John Travolta. You can tell he’s really trying in this roll, but it doesn’t work. The film is a snooze fest.

For my final verdict, I could easily swing either way. I got to give the award to The Happytime Murders though. For most film genres, character development and structured story telling is essential. However, this is just a comedy film. A comedy has only one simple task, just be funny! If funny, moviegoers will overlook plot holes & character flaws. While humor is subjective, you can’t argue that its gags seem very outdated. Gotti is also terrible, but at least I can recommend it to an insomniac in the hopes of helping them sleep.


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