Scientists discover formula for box office success.

In the UK, a team of scientists believe think they discovered the formula for box office success. Personally, I can’t believe time was wasted on this. How is the following an actual discovery?

“After analysing data from 6,147 movie scripts and filtering it through a series of algorithms, the researchers have identified the emotional arc that makes the most money, called the “man in a hole” arc.” (source)

“It could be gamechanging for both film producers and audiences, said Ganna Pogrebna, a professor of behavioural economics and data science at the University of Birmingham, who led the research team.”

This “man in a hole” arc basically consists of films where the main character has a fall, followed by a rise. Wow, mind blowing right!? This took an entire research team? This is something that anybody who watches films would already know! Calling this “game changing” is hilarious. Are these scientists really patting themselves on the back? If they felt they needed an ‘algorithm’ to come to this conclusion, they should feel embarrassed.

When studies are published, you know they don’t just take a weekend and paste shit together. It takes years. A study like this, seems like a waste of time to me. They could have reached this same conclusion in a shorter amount of time, and saved tax money by surveying thousands of people on the street. If you ask people what their favorite film is, you will no doubt realize that a character fall, followed by a rise, is at the core of most films!


It’s all so clear! I’m the greatest scientist ever! My mathematical formulas have cracked the code for box office success!

I love movies, but crediting scientists for wasting time and money to compile information we already know, makes me scratch my head.


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