Lottery winner would like to thank shopper for letting him cut in line.

Minutes before the lotto deadline, a kind customer allowed Aaron Walshaw to go ahead of her. He then purchased his ticket just in time. As a result, he won the lottery, and is now planning a dream wedding with his fiancee. He would like to thank this woman for changing his life. (source BBC)

This sounds like a heart warming story, doesn’t it? Maybe for Aaron & his fiancee it is! If I was that customer, I would have a completely different view.

Unless your way of saying “thank you” is offering me a little slice of that prize money, don’t thank me! Congratulations, but I would rather not know that you won.  It would just make me wish I bought that ticket instead. I would then debate tossing myself off the nearest overpass.

Plus, these people are strangers to me. I don’t know either of them. They could be complete assholes for all I know. Unless they truly went through some tragic shit, why would I want to hear about how I helped them become millionaires? Would they expect me to smile and nod as they tell me about their upcoming dream wedding? Then what? What do I say? “Well, glad you guys became millionaires. Thanks for thanking me. Peace out!”


Thank you for making me a millionaire. Hope all is well.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t thank people who help you. You most definitely should! I’m a firm believer that “please” & “thank you” go a long way.  However, this is one of those rare exceptions where I would rather not be thanked.

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