Most expensive Chinese film ever made bombs, gets yanked from theaters.

Asura, was supposed to be China’s first produced big budget blockbuster. After a horrible opening weekend, it’s already been removed from theaters.

“The story is set in Asura, the dimension of pure desire according to ancient Buddhist mythology. The mythical realm is threatened by a coup from a lower heavenly kingdom and the story follows from there. (IMDB

It was quite the tanking. With a production cost around $100 million, it pulled in around $7.1 million on opening weekend. To put this in perspective, those are solid numbers, if this was the fifth or sixth weekend since its release!  If you’re opening at  $7.1 million against a $100 million budget, you are fucked. China did the right thing by pulling the film. (source screenrant)

From this point, I don’t know if the Chinese are delusional, or just don’t want to admit they have a stinker. They blame online trolling and a “deliberate campaign to lower the film’s scores on China’s most popular ticketing apps and review aggregator.”  Online boycott campaigns can slightly impact a films profit margin. However, they aren’t successful in making a movie completely tank. If the people feel intrigued by the content, they will see it.


Time to accept it. Your film is a bomb.

They are also insisting that the film wasn’t pulled due to its poor box office receipts. They said they want to make some small changes before putting it back into theaters. Soooo, to fix the problem, they plan on throwing more money at it? That’s essentially what they’re attempting to do.

China should just stop trying to patch a sinking ship & start fresh. They have nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens. I can site several American films that lost over $100 million. It just sucks when it’s your countries first venture into big cinema.

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