It’s cool, but what’s with all the mainstream UFO stories lately?

Even though a UFO is technically anything flying in the sky that can’t be identified, people generally associate them with aliens from another world. While many UFO stories have made the news, they have generally never been accepted. That appears to be changing. Over the last couple years, more and more credible stories seem to be trickling out through mainstream news outlets. Why now though?

Ex military personnel have always been around to share stories of the UFO phenomenon. It’s only been the last couple years that some of the more major news outlets (ABC news, BBC, & CNN) have been giving them the attention they deserve without scrutiny. Why is this happening more?  I don’t necessarily trust major news outlets either. After all, it’s been proven in the past that the government has had stories retracted or pulled. Why would these stories be allowed to hit the mainstream? Is it because if the public found out that a UFO story was pulled, it would only legitimize the story more? Is the government testing public reaction?  I don’t know. I just find it interesting.

At times, the UFO community has annoyed me. I’m a firm believer that we have been visited. However, I’m also a skeptic. People should always rule out the most probable first. If you don’t, you could discredit yourself when your “proof” is eventually explained, or revealed as a hoax. Some people in the community also have YouTube channels or websites. Most of them are garbage. For some, they don’t intend to spread a hoax as proof. They’re simply guilty of running with the information too quickly. When a firm believer gets hold of something that supports their personal belief, they are likely to just go along with it. It’s what they want, so it is! They won’t try to discredit it first. This mentality doesn’t help. It makes things much worse.

For example, look at these images below. I’ve seen that pyramid image in the bottom right as “proof” of pyramids on Mars. However, it’s actually just a zoomed & slightly tilted version of another photo.

Incidents like the photo above really bother me. My point is, I’m glad information is coming from mainstream media with credible ex military personnel coming forward, & not some idiot altering an image to push a belief.

So, what is the reason some of these stories have been getting attention? Is it just the result of a light news day at the studio? Or, is something else behind it? I don’t know, but I think it’s something interesting to ponder.

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