Bride calls of wedding due to groom being scared of lightning.

I’ve been focusing on a lot of movie stuff lately. I felt it was time to check back in on this lovely world of ours and see what ridiculous stories have been brewing. It really didn’t take long for something to catch my attention.In India, a soon to be husband stated that he was shaken up by a lightning strike from two days ago. The bride then called the wedding off.

“After (the) lightning (strike), the groom behaved as he was afraid of it. The bride publicly announced she would not marry him, citing his unusual behaviour,” a police officer said.” (source)

You might be wondering why the police have a say in this. Well, considering a lot of the wedding rituals had already been set in motion, the grooms side protested. However, the bride’s side felt compelled to physically attack them.

Realistically, it sounds like the bride was getting cold feet, & looking for any excuse to back out of this wedding. She couldn’t think of a better excuse though? I mean, you were about to marry the guy. You knew he was a wuss to begin with. Maybe she was at peace with some of his other wuss qualities, but the lightning incident was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. She wants a tough guy. Maybe a 1990 Jean-Claude Van Damme wannabe. He must not only be unfazed by a lightening strike, but could also take this act of mother nature and make it his bitch.


Time to ride the lightning! 

In a way, this guy did dodge a bullet though. If she was 100% serious, why the hell would you want to marry someone who would call of a wedding for something so petty. Still, I’m willing to bet she was looking for any “out” she could possibly find.

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