Venezuela’s government claims power outages are due to earth moving too close to the sun.

Things haven’t been looking good for Venezuela lately. The currency has tanked so bad that World of Warcraft virtual currency is worth more.  Now, the government is blaming the earth’s position around the sun for its blackout problems.

“It is because we are very close to the Sun …  while the rest of the world is cold, it is hot here, that just makes the situation more serious,” Lisandro Cabello, government secretary in the state of Zulia, said in a press conference. He blamed the summer solstice for the country’s electricity problems, The Times reported on Wednesday.” (source newsweek)

When you economy sucks despite the world’s largest proven oil reserve, and your president won reelection in May despite a microscopic approval rating, it’s pretty safe to assume something shady is going on in the government.

I usually don’t like to dive into political stories, but found this dumbass excuse so laughable I couldn’t resist. They could have simply said that hot temperatures have put a strain on the power grids. That’s something everyone could buy into. If you are going to lie to your people, at least put in some effort to make it sound convincing.

Even a quick online search would tell you the earth is closest to the sun in January. It’s actually the tilt of the earth toward the sun that makes it warmer. Then again, if the country is having problems with electricity, maybe even the government couldn’t fact check their own statement.

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