Marvel fan has seen Infinity War 100 times!

If you could add up the amount of times you’ve seen your favorite movie in the theater, what number would it be? Well, since its U.K. release date on April 26th, one Marvel fan has already seen Avengers: Infinity War 100 times!

I enjoyed the movie too, but wow! I think you’ve crossed over from super fan, to being completely obsessed. This is a 17-year-old who definitely isn’t getting laid. Let’s break down exactly how crazy this is. Avengers: Infinity War is a long movie. If you sit through the credits, the film is 160 minutes long (2hr 40min). A day is 1440 minutes long (1440/160 =  9). If you don’t sleep, or have a social life, nine is the maximum amount of possible viewings a person could have in a single day. That’s it. As of the publishing of the source article, the film had been out 54 days. (source) If he saw the film twice a day for 54 days, it would equal 108 viewings. As a whole number, that’s the closest you can get to 100. I really don’t feel like going further with it. You get the idea. It’s almost twice a day. When you put it like that, it doesn’t seem so bad. A teenage boy can always manage some hours after school, or during the weekend. However, I’m about to throw a wrench into this. He has also managed to squeeze in 20 viewings of Deadpool 2 in this timetable also (released May 16 in the U.K.).

“The 17-year-old from Staffordshire, England, told Unilad that he didn’t set out to watch the Marvel Studios sequel that many times, but “it just sort of happened. “I saw Black Panther 30 times and so far have seen the new Deadpool 20 times,” he said. “However, Avengers just felt so different to anything I’ve ever seen before, and I just love it so much so [I] have been going as much as I can!” Luckily, he’s smart about it. He “uses his limitless cinema card to keep from breaking the bank.”

I love movies too man, but get some sun. You’re living like a vampire. Personally, I think three is the maximum amount of times I’ve ever seen one particular movie in the theater. That’s probably the highest I would go. If for whatever reason it still wasn’t out of my system, I would then seek a high quality bootleg.

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  1. This is amazing! He probably knows every single line by now.

    • Ya, I thought the same thing. Haha, I bet he can even close his eyes & visualize the entire movie at this point. Even if I wanted to attempt that, I don’t think I could without some serious loss of mental health.

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