Netflix has a hilariously bad new sexual harassment policy.

With Harvey Weinstein now officially crowned a shithead, & voices of the #metoo movement being heard, Netflix has now decided to implement a new sexual harassment policy. While such policies should exist, Netflix seems a bit paranoid & over the top. 

rulesNetflix film crews and workers need to apparently follow these rules. While some seem obvious and should be on the list, two of them really grabbed my attention. Please note, the source of this story is from thesun in the U.K. Sometimes, their information isn’t reliable (Source thesun)

“Don’t look at anyone for longer than five seconds.” How the hell do you gauge this? Is everyone given stop watches? It does say “anyone.” I guess I should look at the floor or ceiling when I talk to my boss. Or, maybe I can remember to look away for a moment at the five second mark. God forbid I hit six seconds straight. That one second difference could get me terminated.

Steer clear of a colleague once they have said they are not interested in you”  Say John asks Sarah out on a date. Sarah says she isn’t interested. Well, I guess John needs to avoid Sarah like she has the plague now. This could create some real work complications.

Steve: John, did you ask Sarah about that camera equipment?
John: Sorry Steve. I’m not allowed. I asked Sarah out & she declined. You’ll have to do it.
Steve: Damnt John! Me too! That’s why I asked if you could do it. Now what do we do?

Don’t you wish we could live a normal world where none of this needs to exist & people had common sense? It would simply be called a “don’t be an asshole” policy.

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