Quick Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (no spoilers)

I think we were all caught by surprise when Jurassic World was released in 2015. It was truly everything you wanted in a summer movie, & exceeded all expectations. While I didn’t expect Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to be better, I was left feeling disappointed (NO SPOILERS).

If you saw the trailer, you know the main story. No mystery behind this movie at all. The island is going to shit. A rescue operation is underway. Dinosaurs are getting auctioned off by a rich asshole. All this is fine, the story should be straightforward. You don’t see a Jurassic Park movie for the plot. You want dinosaurs and action!

Some plot is obviously still necessary though. Personally, I wasn’t into the animal rights storyline of the film. They try to make you feel something for these creatures. I just don’t. If I want that, I’ll go watch a Disney cartoon, or one of those sad Sarah McLachlan MSPCA commercials.  To me, these are biological Terminators that should probably be erased. We need another movie though right? Furthermore, each Jurassic Park film always contains the same elements. You have greed, and or a creature that’s meaner. How many times can they do that? It’s getting stale.

At the end of the film, a certain line of character dialogue followed by what they do, made me roll my eyes. I’m not saying it’s as bad as Jurassic Park 3. Remember that abrupt ending where the military just happens to magically appear on the beach? You won’t get something like that. I just wish they came up with a better way to reach the conclusion of the film.

It’s not all bad though. The special effects are top notch. I think due to how real these creatures look & movie, it’s easy to take this for granted. It looks so real that it doesn’t even register in my brain as fake. Of course, we also get some cool dinosaur fights that will satisfy your inner child.

Owen (Chris Pratt) hasn’t changed much since Jurassic World. On the other hand, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) certainly has. We’ve seen her go from someone who cared more about keeping park visitor attendance up, to a person who wants to save these creatures.

As a whole, I would say I only enjoyed about 45min of the 2hr 8min runtime. That just doesn’t cut it for me.  Initially, I was so excited to see this movie before most people. I really wanted to tell people to go see this on June 22nd! Sadly, I just can’t.

Score: 5/10


+ Amazing special effects

+ Some awesome dinosaur moments


–  Not a fan of the animal rights angle

– Same Greed, and or adding a meaner dinosaur formula.


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