Let’s talk about this for a minute. They’re really going forward with Rambo V? Filming starts in September.

Looks like Rambo is going south of the boarder to take down a sex-trafficking ring in Mexico. (source comingsoon.net) The fact that we are seeing John Rambo again doesn’t surprise me. I’m surprised this is another sequel, and not a reboot.

The character has value. I don’t know anybody who hasn’t heard or John Rambo. I get why the studio would want another film, but I’m not sure why Sylvester Stallone would reprise the role. He will be 72 this year! If any franchise needs reboot, it’s this one.

Since Stallone is reprising the role, I have a better idea for Rambo V. Let’s shift gears, & make it a dark comedy. Instead of battling sex trafficking in Mexico, it takes place in a nursing home, & he’s battling other seniors for the best window seat in the recreation room. He makes weapons out of plastic straws & solo cups. The slight serious side would be he’s also battling Alzheimer’s & doesn’t remember much about who he was. Occasionally, his memories rush back to him. When they do, he spazzes out on the staff & attacks them. I like my version better. Too bad it won’t happen. 😦

I’ll give Stallone some credit, while he obviously has stunt men doing most of the work, it’s impressive to see someone his age still so active. Furthermore, he also plans to shoot Expendables 4 after Rambo V. That’s one active senior citizen.

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