Let’s watch & talk about the new Halloween trailer.

As a kid, Halloween was the first horror franchise I fell in love with. However, you can’t deny with each passing sequel the franchise got stretched out and watered down. Did you seriously like all that garbage connecting Michael Myers to the constellation of Thorn? Halloween H20 put some new life into the franchise. It wasn’t awesome, but certainly a step in the right direction. That life would soon die. Halloween Resurrection was a horrible sequel. It’s back to square one. In 2007, Rob Zombie would craft a decent remake. Finally, are things back on track? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Halloween II (2009) was trash! Notice a pattern? I guess this film will be good, but have a shitty sequel. Hopefully, that won’t be the case. Scroll down below the video for impression.


As you probably already knew, this film ignores everything after the 1978 original. Instead of getting away, Michael was shot and taken into custody that night (0:20). What’s up with the checkered ground pattern (0.25)? That would drive me even more crazy. It’s also worth noting, (1:00) Michael Myers isn’t Laurie Strode’s brother in this version. They’re writing that off as something that people made up.

I’m fine with ignoring almost everything after the original, but I’m undecided if the brother angle is something that should have been tossed out. On one hand, it’s a little scarier this way & feels more fresh. In the past, we always knew Michael was targeting people in his bloodline. We didn’t need to wonder why he was going after someone. If a character was somehow related to him, you knew they were on his shit list. From this trailer, we don’t know a motive (yet). He’s just some psycho. That’s what makes me so intrigued.

On the other hand, Michael killing off his bloodline was a core part of the original franchise. Should that have messed with that? We’ll know soon enough.

I enjoyed the trailer, & feel very optimistic. The mask also looks great! It’s about time! Thank god! I’ll definitely be seeing this one on October 19th.

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