Let’s find the dumb-asses! Google releases top searched “how to spell” words by state.

missspelled words

Google released its yearly list of the most commonly misspelled words across the nation. While “beautiful” is the clear winner in 11 states, there is some interesting words worth noting. (link to bigger photo)Let’s start with the armpit of the country. Florida what the hell are you doing? Stop trying to sound fancy. “Hors d ‘oeuvers” or “or-derves” are basically just a fancy way of saying “finger foods” or “appetizers”. Like most things that happen in Florida, I have so many questions. Why was this even a popular enough word to be number one in the first place? Did Florida suddenly get a booming population of French people? Maybe all that humidity has made them delusional into thinking they’re actually in France? I just don’t get it.

Damn’t Alabama! The first step in getting away from the stereotype that you’re an inbred state where people marry their cousin, is to not actually have the word “cousin” be your most commonly misspelled word.

Wow, congratulations Connecticut! You’re the only state where the name of the state itself is the most commonly misspelled word. That looks really bad. Not even some other states where people could easily leave a letter out (Mississippi Tennessee) managed to accomplish this.

yachtI actually feel bad for you North Dakota. At a glance, it doesn’t make much sense for anyone to be remotely curious about the word “yacht”. For a five letter word, I can see how it could be a bit annoying to spell, but you are probably the furthest from a yacht that you could possibly be in the United States. Seriously, almost any state would be technically closer to an area that would actually have one. I have a theory. I think people in North Dakota search this word because they fantasize about getting out of that landlocked state.

The top word in Rhode Island is “dying”. The word is a perfect description of the state itself, but it’s still only a five letter word!

I always find it interesting to see this kind of information. All kidding aside, I can see how SOME of these words could easily be misspelled. Although, I find it even more interesting that certain words were searched for enough, that they even made the cut to begin with.

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