Quick Review: Terrifier

It’s been a while since I’ve had a nightmare. Let’s take the creepy serial killer clown route today! Terrifier has some moments of extremely twisted brutality, but it’s ultimately just a gore fest where people try to move from one hiding spot to the next.

When two young women encounter the creepiest clown I’ve ever seen, things go from creepy to disturbing very quickly. I’m not scared of clowns, but Art the Clown makes Pennywise from It look like a Disney character. Thumbs up on this creation.

The film actually has a great start. The first 10-20 minutes builds some serious uncomfortable suspense in a Pizzeria where Art is unflinchingly staring down one of the women. I found myself very anxious about what he might do, but I couldn’t turn away. It’s a great scene.

Unfortunately, it’s all downhill after the pizzeria scene. In some ways, it definitely has a cool 80’s slasher movie feel. I like that! However, The remainder of the films runtime simply involves characters trying to hide from Art around a small rundown building. I know “hide and seek” is typical of the genre, but they utilize the same set pieces over and over way to many times! If feels like characters just bounce back and forth between only a couple different rooms. Granted, they had a small budget to work with, but they couldn’t have added a couple more locations? It feels so confined to the point where the characters look extra stupid for not simply leaving the property. It would have been better if this was a giant factory that you could truly get lost in.


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The kills are extremely gory, & in some cases disturbing. If that’s your thing, you’ll love this!  We all have our preferred taste when it comes to horror films. Personally, a lot of disturbing gore doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t find it scary. It’s just an attempt to shock. Eventually, it starts to wear thin. I just find myself wondering what extreme death will come next. For me, a good horror movie is gory when it needs to make a point, but doesn’t rely on it heavily. It should also build some creepy tension. The first 10-20 minutes did that exceptionally well! Again, this is just my personal preference.

Terrifier has some truly awesome creepy moments, but ultimately I feel like I’m just waiting to see how they will try to shock me with the next death.

Score: 5.5/10


+ The first 10-20 minutes is great!

+ The character design of Art the Clown is something truly nightmare inducing.

+ Feels like a cool 80’s throwback slasher at times.


– How many times is someone going to run in and out of the same location?

– Disturbing gore doesn’t scare me (personal preference)

– Is he immortal? What the hell is he?


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