Stop being a dummy! Don’t drink Hydrogen Peroxide.

We all know Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly used disinfectant. Apparently, enough people have been consuming it lately that the California Poison Control felt compelled to issue a warning about it.

The agency says it has received a number of calls about people drinking hydrogen peroxide. Some people are swallowing the liquid believing it can treat various ailments, including sinus infections, arthritis, and cancer.” (source CBS) Ya, it will certainly get rid of all those ailments.. when it kills you!

Every now and then some idiot comes up with a bonkers claim like this. The problem is, another type of idiot believes that idiot & posts it on some message board where even more idiots believe it. Before you know it, emergency rooms are getting filled and funeral homes are getting booked. I’m fine with it actually. We’re over populated & need to weed out the dum-dums somehow.


My friends sister read on a message board that drinking this will cure almost anything! It must be true.

I really do wonder if some people make this shit up to see how many people they can convince it’s true. Common sense should tell you, if something burns like hell on an open wound, maybe putting it down your esophagus isn’t the brightest idea.


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