Quick Movie Review: The Week Of

Can’t we just ship Adam Sandler off to a deserted island? That was what I was thinking for nearly the entire 1hr 56min runtime of The Week Of. Some spoilers are ahead.

The daughter of Kenny Lustig (Adam Sandler) & son of  Kirby Cordice (Chris Rock) are expected to be married in a week. With Kenny planning the wedding, Kirby has his own idea of how it should go.

Where do I begin with this train wreck of a film. In this latest installment I like to call “Adam Sandler just mailing it in,” Kenny is a Jewish father on Long Island. He doesn’t have a lot of money, but wants to make his daughter happy. It’s basically the same Sandler dad role we’ve seen time and time again. Kirby is a successful rich surgeon. During this week of preparation, tons of family are staying at the Long Island home. A leaky sealing is the biggest villain threatening the wedding reception at the crappy hotel.

I’m not kidding. You would think a lot more shenanigans would happen between Kenny & Kirby, but they really don’t have much conflict. The plot description makes it sound like this could turn into some kind of rivalry between the two dads. For the most part, whenever Kirby offers to help with some of the expenses, Kenny just shoots him down & that’s it. They don’t have much conflict. The leaky ceiling at the hall in the hotel is a bigger problem. I think they tried to make this a running gag throughout the movie. It just keeps coming up again and again. Oh look, the leak is back! Can they patched in time for the reception!? It’s real riveting shit let me tell you.

This film had very little buildup. It just goes from one situation to the next. That would be fine if it was funny, but it’s not! It’s just lazy. I think I might have smirked two or three times throughout the film, but never had an actual laugh out loud moment. In fact, I found myself getting annoyed as I  listened to Sandler yell in a crappy Long Island accent multiple times. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

For me, the film went from ‘bad’ to ‘suck’ at the end. After everything had been patched up, and some weak attempts at establishing conflict had been resolved, the new bride is treated to a congratulatory video made by her grandmother before she passed away. That’s not bad. I’m not being sarcastic when I say that’s a little touching. However, the grandmother is played by Adam Sandler in drag.  I guess Sandler didn’t learn his lesson from the horrible comedy Jack & Jill. Nobody wants to see him in drag.


Please Adam! Write something funny!

The Week Of is a weak film. I couldn’t recommend this to anyone. For a brief moment, I was happy when I realized this was the fourth film in the four picture deal that Sandler signed with Netflix. Then I remembered, Netflix & Sandler renewed the deal for another four movies last year! How much worse can it get? We’ll certainly find out soon.


Score: 2/10

 Pros  (I really need to reach on this)

+ Umm, a scene where a bunch of women in bikini’s are jumping on trampolines & dancing provides some eye candy for a bit.

+ I smirked and laughed on the inside maybe once or twice


– It’s a lazy movie where one thing just happens after the next.

– Sandler yelling in a Long Island accent

– Another movie where Sandler wants to show his kids that he loves them

– Conflict between Sandler and Rock is weak.

– I don’t need to see Sandler in drag.


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