Egypt is cracking down on fake weather reports.

Watch out everybody! Apparently, the Egyptian news has been getting hit with a lot of accusations of fake news lately. Despite fake weather forecasts being a rarity, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority decided to flex its muscles. They plan to pass a bill to stop its people from making weather predictions!

“Ahmed Abdel-Al, the EMA chairman, said during a television interview that the bill seeks to punish anyone “talking about meteorology, or anyone using a weather forecasting device without our consent, or anyone who raises confusion about the weather”. The EMA is Egypt’s primary, if not sole, source of domestic information on the country’s weather patterns.” (source)

I’m seriously laughing right now. Granted, the last couple weeks Egypt has seen some wild weather, but overall how confusing is the weather in Egypt? It’s a damn desert. Am I missing something? If you want confusing, come to New England!

This is how I envision an outdoor conversation going if someone talks “confusing” about the weather in Egypt.

Ahmed: Hey, Aziza. Nice day isn’t it?

Aziza: Ya, not bad. Did you see that cloud earlier?

Ahmed: Cloud? What cloud? Where is this cloud!? Hey, everybody! Aziza said something about a cloud? I didn’t see one. Did any of you!? This is so confusing! Don’t lie Aziza! I’m calling the cops!

Wow, I know I feel intimidated right about now. Don’t you? Today it’s just a bill, but tomorrow the Meteorological mafia might kick down your door to steal & burn your weather maps and charts. Be careful.


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