Avengers: Infinity War Rant & Review (spoilers)

Warning! The below contains spoilers and plot points. 

Looks like superhero fatigue won’t be hitting anytime soon. The Avengers: Infinity War destroyed the box office over the weekend with a global take around $630 million. Thankfully, Infinity War is one of few films that actually does live up to the hype. Since I have read what feels like an endless amount of reviews for this film, I don’t feel like adding another typical one into the mix. I mean, how many times can you read the same thing over and over? While this is a review, I also want to express some of my ranting opinions. A movie like this really invokes my inner nerd.

I won’t waste much time going over the basic premise of the film. Since you’re pressing forward and don’t care about spoilers, you’ve probably already read it a million times. Thanos has been searching the universe for six Infinity Stones. Once acquired, he will have the power to bring “balance” to the universe by wiping out half the population within it. The Avengers unite to try and stop him.

The film does its best to cram in as many of its heroes into the 2h 40min run-time without feeling forced. For the most part it succeeds. Although, some of the main heroes take a back seat. While Captain America, Black Panther, & Bruce Banner do some ass kicking in Wakanda, their presence doesn’t feel nearly as pivotal. That doesn’t mean it’s not. It’s just, when you have a giant battle in Wakanda going down while Stark and his crew are fighting Thanos simultaneously on Titan, I’m focused more on the Thanos fight. After all, he does throw a freakin moon! A moon people! It’s total action eye candy.

Arguably one of the biggest problems in the MCU has been with it’s villains. Not this time around! The film does a great job at portraying Thanos as someone you don’t want to mess with. Also, for a popcorn flick, they do a decent job at actually making him feel real. He isn’t just some one dimensional bad guy. He truly believes what he is doing is right, & feels the emotional strain of his actions. Although, his plan is flat out stupid. This doesn’t seem like a good long-term plan. After turning half the population of the universe to dust, then what? He’s just going to relax? Won’t it all just happen again someday? He has a damn infinity gauntlet & the stones. Why not use it to improve shit? Maybe transformer uninhabitable worlds into places where people can live?  Why hasn’t anyone suggested this? Clearly the stones are capable of incredible things. They don’t need to be used for wiping people out. Whatever, I can let this slide though.

Truthfully, I only have one minor complaint. While I feel great on screen chemistry between Quill (Chris Pratt) & Gamora (Zoe Saldana), I feel absolutely nothing between Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). I could care less if Vision is gone for good. He talks like he is reciting poetry and pretty much gets his ass kicked the entire movie.


Ya, sorry not feeling it.

While slightly cheap, Marvel played it smart regarding deaths. Since one of the stones is a time stone, any death should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything is truly possible. It’s because of this, I didn’t really feel any sense of loss watching a good chunk of the characters turn to dust. Although, based on the remaining films left in the contact agreements for each individual actor, it’s safe to assume the next film will be the end for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. If I had to guess, Tony retires and Steve (Captain America) dies by somehow sacrificing himself for others.

I was so happy this film had no Hawkeye in it.  I can’t stand Hawkeye! Look, I CAN suspend my disbelief if a human is fighting with some sort of tech gear, but when they’re only good at fighting or shooting, I find it an even bigger stretch to believe they could hold their own against a being with god like powers. Furthermore, I personally have this thing against characters who shoot arrows. Legolas, Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen, Green Arrow, Daryl Dixon. I’m just done with it for a while.


Yes, please stay on your secret mission! We don’t need you right now.

The post credit scene hinted that Captain Marvel will have a role in Part 2. That’s fine. Although, with the release date of the Captain Marvel solo flick currently listed as March 6, 2019, & the release date for the yet to be titled Infinity War Part 2 listed as May 3, 2019, I expect one of these dates to change in order to create some breathing room. They just seem too close. Maybe Captain Marvel will get bumped up to February? If so, the spacing would then be similar to the release dates that Black Panther and Infinity War had this year. That seemed to work out pretty damn well.

Infinity War is a great popcorn flick that isn’t a waste of time. It can also truly be enjoyed by anyone. However, if I was forced to recommend two films to watch prior to Infinity War for someone who isn’t familiar with the MCU, I would suggest Thor Ragnarok & Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Score: 9/10


+ The action is awesome

+ The run time is long, but it doesn’t feels wasted.

+ The cliff hanger ending

+ Completed special effects! (That’s a shot at you DC!)

+ No Hawkeye

+ Thanos is awesome


– I’m not feeling the chemistry between Vision and Scarlet Witch.

–  I don’t feel a sense of character loss since the time stone could potentially fix everything.

-I hoped for confirmation that Pepper would turn to dust too. I’m not a Paltrow fan.



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