Do the video-games of today hold our hand too much?

While I might not write about it often, I am a gamer. In between life responsibilities, you can find me on xbox live. After being in the mood for some nostalgia, I recently fired up ‘Rare Replay.’ It’s a collection of old school games from game developer ‘Rare’. When I started playing the N64 version of ‘Perfect Dark’, I realized something. I had no idea what the f*ck to do!

At first, I didn’t understand why the hell this was happening. I had beaten this game in the year 2000 when I was still in High School. I don’t recall having an issue with it then. Why in 2018 do I find myself practically running around in circles like an idiot? I was roughly 45 minutes in & I had no idea where to proceed to my next objective. I’m only in my thirties! It’s not like I’m having a senior moment. I wasn’t drinking either.  Ok, maybe a little, but no excessively! Although, after taking 20 minutes to figure it out, I certainly wanted to!

I then realized, I think it’s because video-games today always tell you where to go. Granted, you still have games like Dark Souls where you get zero help. The developers are basically saying, “good luck asshole!” However, most games hold your hand and lead you every step of the way.

With only basic thinking necessary on how to proceed in games, I think my brain has become accustom to this “hand holding.” What was so simple to figure out before, had now become alien to me. It was truly a very sad eye opener.


Wait, where do I go? Oh, ok!

Truthfully, this won’t get fixed. In fact, they will probably continue to make navigation in games as idiot proof as possible. With the cost to develop some of these big budget titles, studios want to keep customers happy. They don’t want you disgruntled. They want you to buy the next installment.


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