The phrase ‘best friend’ makes kids feel excluded. Preschool in MA bans it.

In Georgetown MA, a mother found it ridiculous when her four year old daughter was told by her teacher that she couldn’t use the phrase ‘best friend.’  It is ridiculous. I 100% agree with her. Although, I think I would use a stronger word to describe how I feel about it.

I’m actually shaking my head as I type this. “The Georgetown preschool offered an explanation to Julia’s parents. Saying the term best friend “can lead other children to feel excluded” and it “can ultimately lead to the formation of “cliques” and “outsiders.” (source)

Do they really think simply banning a phrase will stop the formation of cliques?  It doesn’t matter if you say it or not. Regardless, individuals will always favor one person over another. This happens when people share the same interests. Do the idiots who work at this school need a damn schooling on how human behavior works?

Since everyone needs to be included, what’s next? If a teacher notices a child hanging out with another child too much during play time, will that child eventually be forced to hang out with a different child!? I feel like we aren’t far off from that happening!

Seriously, everyone is getting too soft. How did it get this bad? Truthfully, I hit my tipping point last year when I read about how the “British Student Union Aimed to Ban Clapping and Cheering Because It Excludes Deaf People”  I laughed at first, until I realized it was a legit article.

I applaud this mother for making some noise about this incident. It’s proof that not everybody has gone totally bonkers yet.

I would also like to take a moment and apologize for writing this article. Since blind people can’t read with sight, I feel like I’m offending them when I type. Also, I’m sorry for saying “I applaud this mother.” I shouldn’t applaud. As I just referenced, it’s offensive to the deaf. Jazz hands everyone! Damn, now I offended arm amputees. I guess you just can’t win these days.

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