Why they shouldn’t remake The Crow.

The reboot is now forever a part of Hollywood. Why come up with fresh ideas when people are willing to pay money for old ones. It’s unfortunate how rampant it’s become. It can be a good idea. Batman Begins proved that as early as 2005. A film like The Crow, should just be left alone though.

Jason Momoa (Aqua Man, Justice League, Game of Thrones) will star in this remake of the 1994 Brandon Lee film. I liked the original. It’s a great dark revenge story. Eric Draven & his fiance are murdered by a gang. On the one year anniversary, he rises from the dead with supernatural powers to punish and kill his assailants. Once all killed, he can rest in peace.

The Crow had three horrible sequels. Each was a drastic downgrade from the previous film. The Crow: City of Angels,(1996) The Crow Salvation, (2000) & The Crow Wicked Prayer (2005) all sucked ass. Yes, I’ve seen them all. I don’t care if Salvation & Wicked Prayer were direct to video. It’s still counts. I honestly don’t remember much about Wicked Prayer though. There’s probably a good reason for that. The film starred Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, & David Boreanaz. I’m not kidding. How’s that for a cast. That alone is good enough reason to shelf the character for 13 years. Plus, being from the Boston area, I can’t help but jokingly make fun of the title. “Did you see wicked prayea?” “It’s wicked awful kid!”


Ya, this really happened.

Still, I just don’t see a reason to remake it. How many revenge films do we need? You can only do so much with them. True, every type of film has its own level of predictability. In romantic comedies, the girl doesn’t like the guy. Inevitability, they fall in love within the last 15-30 minutes. In superhero movies, someone is always trying to obtain an object and dominate. In horror, someone is killing people. However, these films can contain gags & unclear motives wedged between what we know will happen. Yes, revenge films can contain some of these elements, but as a whole I find them the most straightforward. “You screwed me over. I’m hunting you & your associates.” It’s not much else.

That’s fine! There will always be a place in cinema for revenge films. I just think this type of film can get tired faster than others. I love John Wick and The Equalizer. We don’t need The Crow too.


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