12 year old boy steals parents credit card and flies to Bali.

A 12 year old Sydney boy decided he wanted to visit Bali. When his parents shot that down, he stole their credit card and left the country on his own. I must admit, it’s impressive.

He certainly got the adventure he wanted. After “Telling his family he was going to school, he rode his razor scooter to his local train station, from where he travelled to the airport and, using a self-service check-in terminal, boarded a flight for Perth, then another for Indonesia.” “In Bali, he checked in to the All Seasons hotel, telling staff he was waiting for his sister to arrive.” (source) I also need to mention that the kid convinced his grandmother to give him his passport and did research on booking flights.

I’m sure his parents almost had a heart attack when the school reported him absent. Luckily they were able to put the pieces together. Bali can be reached from Perth in under four hours. Hell, map that out properly and he could be sipping virgin margaritas beach side before school is out for the day.

If this were my kid, I would hope he had a blast! Once home, he would be grounded into his teen years, he’d probably be paying off those bills for quite sometime too. However, while I would never express it, part of me would be impressed. At least it’s a sign that your kid isn’t a complete dumbass. True, he needs to learn the value of a dollar, & you can’t just steal other people’s shit, but he’s only twelve. His parents still have time to drill those important principles into him.

At twelve, most kids would just throw a shit fit until their parents cave in. This kid took action and did it himself. That’s very impressive for someone so young.

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