Stupid news: Idiot sues & loses lawsuit against 10-year-old girl for jogging into her bike.

In 2014, a 10 year old girl was riding her bike when a jogger injured himself by jogging into the back wheel. The man sued the young girl and her grandparents. Recently, the man finally lost his case after it was heard in front of the British Columbia Supreme Court. Apparently, they don’t have anything else going on?

“The girl was cycling alongside two friends when the accident occurred. Her friends were on the sidewalk and she was on the road. All three were riding against traffic, on the only side of the road with a sidewalk. Rosario Perilli was jogging behind the trio when he caught up with them and tried to pass the girl on the right. The girl testified that she had moved closer to the sidewalk after she looked back and saw Perilli about to pass. The girl also testified that when she looked back again, the jogger had fallen behind. No longer expecting him to overtake them, she moved back into her spot farther from the sidewalk.That’s when Perilli struck her back wheel, causing him to fall and injure his shoulder severely enough that he later required surgery.”  (Source) The grandparents were part of the lawsuit “on the basis that they didn’t properly teach her to ride a bike safely.” In short, his claims that she breached some of the Motor Vehicle Laws regarding cyclists on the road were dismissed. If you care to read more about those laws, click the source link. The judge also noted that it’s easier for the jogger to see in front of them than for the cyclist to keep looking behind her. I call something like this “common sense”

It really boggles my mind that someone could be delusional enough to think they could actually win this case. Also, why would you want this case & incident in the public eye? Not only will you forever be remembered as the jackass who sued a 10 year old girl & her grandparents, but you’ll also be remembered as the idiot who injured himself because he couldn’t find a solution for jogging around a couple ten year old girls. It’s all just a cluster fuck of embarrassing events that I would rather sweep under the rug.

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