Mother intentionally crashed SUV into pole to prove to kids god is real.

In an effort to teach her kids god is real, Bakari Warren told her 5 & 7 year to buckle up right before slamming head on into a concrete pole with the SUV.

It’s important to teach your children life lessons. “Mommy is a dumbass” should be the title of this one.  The mother jumped from northbound to southbound lanes & into the concrete pole! The children were fine. This incident could have obviously been much worse.

When the children were asked if they thought she did it on purpose, they responded by saying, “yeah because she turned. Her eyes were closed and she was saying, blah, blah, blah, ‘I love God. She didn’t want us to have a car accident. She wanted us to know God is real.” The mother would then confirm to police she did it on purpose. (source)

So how does crashing your SUV with two young children inside prove god is real? According to the mother, it’s because god protected them.

Of course it wasn’t the fact that you told them to buckle up.  Seat belts don’t save lives. It’s divine intervention all the way. Put that on a T-shirt. If god is real, he has a bazillion prayers to answer across the world & probably knew to tune out your craziness several years ago.


Too bad god couldn’t protect the SUV.

Sorry kids, but your mom is a lunatic. What would have been the next step? Would she goes as far as to put a gun to your head and tell you god will stop the bullet? Hopefully, she and god will have some quality one on one time in her prison cell to sort things out.


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